Penghu (beaches)

Penghu (playas)

Penghu (playas)

Penghu (beaches) – this is one of a chain of islands (of the same name) located off the coast of Taiwan. Four of the 64 Penghu Islands are connected by bridges, forming a horseshoe in the Taiwan Strait.

Unlike the Taiwanese mainland, Penghu’s geography has lent itself to the development of flourishing beaches, thanks to the intense wind that the islands experience in the spring and winter. These are commonly held to be the finest beaches in all of Taiwan, with glistening white sand, coral reefs and transparent water. The heavy winds draw surfers and windsurfers from around the world.

Of Penghu’s beaches, the most popular is Shanshui beach near Makung, which has popular white sand areas. Further exploration reveals beaches made up of shells and your standard-issue off-white sand. Aimen is Penghu’s longest beach. Neian is popular for its shallow water. One can walk up to 300 meters away from the shore and the water only goes up to your chest. Neian is also a favorite spot for beach volleyball.

Note – ferry boat service to Penghu: transportation via the sea includes several services from ports in central and southern Taiwan to Penghu. A one-way trip takes about 4 hours. Services will be adjusted according to season and climate, enquire before departure. Lightweight Boats do not sail daily; they would often stop services when the weather is bad or during winter. In winter, only Taihwa Boat is in operation. For more details, please contact Magong Office, Port of Kaohsiung, at: +886 06 927 2303 or