Alishan National Scenic Area

Área escénica nacional de Alishan

Área escénica nacional de Alishan

Alishan National Scenic Area (Alishan Township, Chiayi County) — located 4 hours south of Taipei (towards the center of the island nation), Alishan National Scenic Area was founded in 2001 and covers the Alishan Forest Recreation Area, Rueili, Fengshan, Taiho, Daban, Shanmei, and Chashan villages. The high altitude affects the climate at Alishan– bringing it to an average of 10 Celsius. The combination of cool weather and beautiful mountain scenery has made Alishan the most popular summer getaway in Taiwan.

Alishan National Scenic Area, with altitudes ranging from 1400 to 2600 meters, covers four different environment zones. The tropic, sub-tropic, temperate and frigid zones have made possible a great variety zones of specific flora and fauna. With abundant rain and pleasant environment, the area is covered with endless forests. The Taiwan Red Cypress and the endemic Taiwan Pleione are among some of the famous native trees found in the area. Alishan was established as a Natural Reserve with the purpose of preserving the Taiwan Pleione around twenty years ago. It is a great environment to examine botanical ecology or simply enjoy the beauty of nature.

The Alishan Forest Railway, a moving ecological museum crossing four environmental zones and rising from an altitude of 30 meters to 2216 meters, is a 3 ½ hour ride. The unique spiraling and zigzag path of the Alishan Forest Railway is a riding experience no other mountain railway can provide.

Admission: NT$150 (regular full pass), NT$100 (regular half pass). See the Alishan website for more info: